Funeral Preparation

Funeral preparation and memorial services are important to us because they help to acknowledge the reality of the death of those passed, while giving us the privilege to say goodbye. So the last thing you want your funeral service to be is a burden on those you love. Are you aware that there are over 100 different decisions your loved ones may have to make in a very short time when you die? One of the biggest fears a family has is, “Are we doing what he or she wanted?”

1961684That’s why it’s so important to get your plans in order and make your wishes known. Here are just a few of the basic decisions you’ll need to consider:

• Do I want to be buried or cremated?
• Where do I want my burial plot?
• Do I want a mausoleum entombment?
• What kind of casket do I want?
• Do I need a vault or other exterior casket container?
• What type of music, flowers, and clothing do I want?
• Which out-of-town friends, relatives, and associates do I want notified?
• Who would I want to be pallbearers?
• What type of services—memorial, graveside, church or mortuary chapel—do I want?
• How much money should be spent?

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By pre-planning your arrangements you’re guaranteeing you will be remembered exactly how you want. Plus, you are taking the burden off your loved ones during what will be a very stressful time. | © by Final Roadmap, LLC. | Web Design and Development by