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An Essential Tool for Employers and Benefits Managers



Final Roadmap is a valuable new offering for your employees and/or their family members as an employer paid, contributory, or voluntary benefit.

Our online Toolkit allows members to create, compile and safely store documents and directives – with the option to share the documents they select, with the individuals they choose, in the equivalent of an electronic vault.


We Understand that the Employee Benefits Marketplace is Rapidly Changing

•Employers who provide a well-rounded benefits package are likely to have an advantage in attracting and retaining employees.

•The primary benefits focus has shifted to employee wellness and sound planning for the future which should include end of life planning.

•Members of the workforce are increasingly responsible for young families as well as aging parents.

Why Employers and Benefits Managers Value Final Roadmap

Any Benefits Manager knows the complexities in the current benefits market. Final Roadmap allows you to offer a truly unique and extremely affordable service that would make a thoughtful benefit for owners, management and employees. You can offer peace of mind for families and loved ones - an outstanding way to enhance and differentiate your total benefits package. This service could be the capstone in any wellness program. 

blue-shirtThe Success of Voluntary Benefits

The line between products and services obtained through the employer versus privately has begun to blur. Sophisticated employers are widening their offerings. An employer can offer the best benefits in the industry, but unless employees understand those benefits and their value they are most likely underappreciated and overlooked.

Available as a Benefit Offering at a Substantially Discounted Price

As an employer paid or voluntary benefit offering from your company the Final Roadmap Toolkit will be available to you, your employees, and their families at a substantially discounted price.

Final Roadmap offers a unique, extremely affordable benefit to reward employees and help them and their families prevent emotional and financial hardship for loved ones in stressful times.


The Final Roadmap Toolkit retails for $249

Please contact us directly for professional, multi-unit and bulk pricing as well as private label options.

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See Recent News about End of Life Planning

Recently, The Institute of Medicine issued a report that says “A lack of an end of life plan, created well in advance, typically leads to prolonged hospitalization, soaring medical bills and unnecessary pain and suffering for everyone.”


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