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Helping Loved Ones

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Funeral Traditions by Religion

2211379Nearly every culture since the dawn of man has had some sort of ceremonial tradition of funeral tradition or memorial service to commemorate the deaths of friends and family. And just as cultures around the world have different languages, beliefs and practices, so to do they have their own funerary customs for the loss of loved ones. Funeral ceremonies vary widely between localities and religious affiliations and range from simple direct burials to more elaborate observances.

Final Roadmap can help members of any faith and culture plan end-of-life arrangements, some of which include:

•    Baptist Funerals & Ceremonies
•    Buddhist Ceremonies
•    Catholic Funerals & Wakes
•    Hindu Funeral Customs & Ceremonies
•    Jewish Funerals & Ceremonies
•    Lutheran Funerals & Ceremonies
•    Methodist Funerals & Ceremonies
•    Mormon Funerals & Ceremonies
•    Muslim Burials & Funeral Services
•    Presbyterian Funerals & Ceremonies
•    Sikh Funerals & Customs


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