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Helping Loved Ones

Sending Flowers

2211379Traditionally, wreaths and sprays should be sent to the funeral home and not to the family’s home. If you want to send something to the family directly, send a bouquet or flowers in a vase. If you take flowers to the ceremony, be aware that placing them on the casket is usually reserved for family members.

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Funeral & Memorial Service Etiquette

1961684Funerals and memorial services can be emotionally complex events, no matter how well you knew the deceased or how close you are to the bereaved. Knowing what to say, how to dress and what to do can be stressful. Being familiar with the etiquette involved can go a long way to making you feel comfortable to express your own emotions in a way that will not disrupt other guests.

What to Wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service

While it used to be customary to wear all black to a funeral or memorial service, this is usually no longer the case in the US. Most services require you to come conservatively dressed in a suit, dress or formal clothes, but it can often depend on the family’s system of beliefs. Some Christian and Jewish services require head coverings. A Muslim service may require you to remove your shoes. If you have any questions about how to dress, you can always call the funeral home, who may be able to help you determine what’s appropriate.

Expressing Condolences

When someone you know is grieving or has experienced a loss, sometimes finding the right way to express condolences is not always easy. However, whether it’s by offering a few kind words or by volunteering your help, there are lots of ways you can show your support and help them out if they need it.

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