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How Final Roadmap Works


Final Roadmap has multiple levels of security which prevent anyone you do not expressly allow, including us, from seeing your Final Roadmap. Therefore, it is very important that you either print your documents or allow specified others to have electronic access. It is easy to do this and can be done both per document and per designee. In other words, you decide precisely who can see what. In addition, you receive an email alert every time one of your designees goes into your Final Roadmap.

Of course, Final Roadmap makes no demands. It is your tool and can be used only to generate conversation. There are no requirements.

Final Roadmap partnered with (“American Eagle”) to provide complete peace of mind in regard to security for its website and the personal information you deposit in your Final Roadmap folder. American Eagle’s experience in hosting over 3,500 Websites since 1995 for small startups to Fortune 500 companies has earned it a reputation as an extremely reliable, managed and monitored web-hosting service company that will ensure the security of your personal information.

American Eagle wholly owns and operates a private data center customized specifically for Final Roadmap’s website. The data center is fully compliant with PCI (Payment Card Industry) as a Level 1 service provider. The PCI DSS (Data Security Standard) is a single security standard comprised of the cardholder security programs from the five major credit companies. Entities including websites that accept, process or store cardholder information must be PCI compliant. American Eagle is one of a select number of companies listed on Visa’s validated PCI service provider list in the area of managed hosting/managed merchant hosting/ecommerce. American Eagle is validated by a Visa-approved auditor who performs a comprehensive 3-day on-site audit on an annual basis.

As a host for Federal Government websites, American Eagle was required to and did clear extensive federal background checks in 2009 and received Federal Information Security Management Act compliance and top secret clearance for data centers.

American Eagle prides itself on providing excellent support for Final Roadmap’s website and its clients. Final Roadmap is committed to providing you with all the resources, tools, and proven methods to ensure that your personal information is protected at the highest level.

In short, the advantages from hosting include:

15+ years of experience In-House Data Center; Top-notch Security; Proven Reliability; 24 hour, 365 days per year Customer Support; Knowledge, Experience and Expertise of Staff; Continuous Upgrades and Updates to hosting infrastructure; Advanced Power Back Up Generators; PCI compliance (Managed Hosting, Managed Merchant Hosting, Co-Location Hosting, Physical Security).

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