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Your clients count on you for sound, informed advice and will thank you for your candor and thoughtfulness.



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See Recent News about End of Life Planning

Recently, The Institute of Medicine issued a report that says “A lack of an end of life plan, created well in advance, typically leads to prolonged hospitalization, soaring medical bills and unnecessary pain and suffering for everyone.”


An Essential Tool for Financial Planners



Final Roadmap was created to make end of life planning easier, manageable and affordable for your clients.

Our online Toolkit allows members to create, compile and safely store documents and directives – with the option to share the documents they select, with the individuals they choose, in the equivalent of an electronic vault.

“As a comprehensive financial planner I have found Final Roadmap to be a valuable tool to help clients navigate end of life planning."  Read More  Penny Marchand - Cambridge Financial Group, Tucson, AZ

Why Financial Planners Value Final Roadmap

Any Financial Planner knows the complexities involved in helping clients prepare for their future. Final Roadmap helps break down the often overwhelming process of end of life planning into small, manageable steps. Learn more about how it works.

As a trusted advisor to your clients, Final Roadmap gives you an additional, invaluable tool that will help distinguish your practice from others:

• Enhance client retention and add value to your client offering, positioning your firm as a trusted advisor, rather than just a service provider.
• Benefit from clients being better prepared and organized in advance, thereby saving you (unbillable!) time and money spent sorting through all of those unorganized documents.
• Enable your clients to have access to a single depository for all of their important papers and legal documents, including wills, advanced directives, healthcare proxies, deposit and securities accounts, etc.

Estate-Attorn-trio-imageWho Should Have a Final Roadmap?

• People who value preparation and thorough planning
• Healthy adults planning their financial future
• Anyone experiencing a significant life milestone (such as      marriage, divorce, parenthood, new job, etc.)                                                                                                          • Any person with real health concerns

A Tool to Help Make the Planning Process More Manageable for You AND Your Client

You’re already having important conversations with your clients about their future. These conversations can be complicated and emotionally overwhelming for many clients. Final Roadmap can be your most important tool in getting it all organized, readily accessible, and digestible by your client. The BEST time to introduce Final Roadmap can include the following:

Some examples:
• When you do your annual review with your client
• When a client’s spouse dies
• When making plans for college savings, trust funds, or retirement
• When there’s a marriage (or divorce!) in the family
• When a child or grandchild or even great grandchild is born
• When your client has received an inheritance
• When your client’s tax bracket changes

Whenever the time, introduce the topic with the same straightforward, professional tone you use whenever discussing planning for the future.

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