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About the Founders

Change is hard, and the death of a relative or close friend may be the most difficult change to bear.

How to ease the pain? Steve Byrne and Kerry Shannon, have spent years finding a better way.

Kerry is a health care consultant with 30 years experience, who brings her MA/Bioethics and Health Policy degree to Final Roadmap. Her job working in hospitals for decades allowed her to witness first hand people suffering every day because their loved one did not provide any end of life planning. Steve is a successful experienced entrepreneur who has worked with hundreds of employees in fast-moving businesses.

Both also have personal experience with losing close relatives, friends and loved ones.

All this inspired them to improve end-of-life planning. They knew there had to be a better way than simply depending on legal documents, which leave countless important questions unanswered and can cause undue stress and guilt for family members and loved ones when someone passes away.

Working with an estate attorney who also saw the effects of clients suffering over the lack of end of life planning by a loved one, Byrne and Shannon refined the concept through thousands of hours of research. The result is Final Roadmap, an effort by people who have witnessed suffering to ease the pain for others.

Final Roadmap is now an active web-based enterprise. Potential members include anyone who eventually will die.

Having worked with so many people whose parents – not to mention themselves – had done little end of life planning, Steve recognized the deep market need. Steve and Kerry believe there has to be a better way to prevent the pain, conflict and suffering related to the loss of a loved one who is unprepared.   They created Final Roadmap.

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