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How Final Roadmap Works

Final Roadmap is a web-based toolkit focused on end of life issues. It is comprehensive, with sections for Medical shutterstock_11693983Care, Legal & Financial, Physical Death, Visitation & Services, Messages for Loved Ones after Death and Notifications. The concept is to allow this topic to be approached privately, simply and with total security. A person buys it once and keeps it forever, changing it as much and often as he or she desires and using components to communicate wishes securely with others should he or she choose to do so.

Think about it as a virtual vault (Toolkit) with six strong rooms (Sections), in each of those strong rooms are numerous safety deposit boxes. The vault, strong rooms and safety deposit boxes are all secured with case-hardened locks (’s secure hosting site).

Purchasing a Membership gives you your own vault, over which you have total control. Each Section has recommendations/advice* on what to put in your Toolkit. They will help you prepare for the time when you are unable to speak for yourself and enable you to communicate your wishes to those that you choose. You will have the ability to enter as much or as little as you please. You may also upload documents, video or pictures. You may add or delete as often as you wish over your lifetime. (review – bw) For added safety, each document you insert is encrypted, so even in the extremely unlikely event someone bypasses all of’s extensive security, it would be unreadable. It is also coded to have a ‘read only’ option.

As a Member, you will have the ability to allow others (Designees) to visit your Toolkit. You will have full command over what they are able to view.

For example:
You might want your spouse to view everything, you then make him or her a Designee with full access (the key to read anything in the vault);

or you want your attorney to be able to view the Legal & Financial, you then make him or her a Designee with access to just that Section (the key to read anything in that strong room);

or you want a favorite niece to read something that you wrote for your funeral, you can then make her a Designee with access to just that article in the Wishes for My Funeral Subsection of the Visitations / Services / Remains Section (the key to read just the contents of that one safety deposit box).

You can have zero Designees or as many as you desire (we do recommend that you assign at least one to trigger your Messages for Loved Ones after Death and Notifications).

Of course, Designees will be unable to change or delete any of your contents, they can only view. Furthermore every time a Designee visits your Toolkit you will receive an email informing you of their visit.

Final Roadmaps’ goal is for you to think about, document and share your end of life wishes; to give you, your family, friends and loved ones peace of mind during difficult times and to prevent misunderstandings within families because wishes were not clearly expressed. That will be the most important way Final Roadmap works.

*The information included in this website is for educational purposes only. It is not to be interpreted as medical advice, or a substitute for professional medical advice. Reading the information on this website does not create a doctor-patient relationship.
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