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Greg is a successful international photographer and outdoorsman. At 52, he is single, active and well-traveled. He’s started thinking more and more about his future after a recent hiking accident when he spent a long, cold night in the Colorado mountains after sustaining a broken ankle.

Greg’s parents are deceased and he has one sister, Jean, who lives out of state and he rarely sees. They’ve never been particularly close. Since Jean is Greg’s only living relative, he’s concerned that she would have no idea what he would want if he were unable to communicate his wishes due to sudden illness or injury; this situation was not something she or Greg had ever discussed. In addition, Jean and her husband are not in any position to take on any financial responsibility for Greg if the need should arise.

Essentially, Greg is alone. He loves his life, but the truth is he will, by choice, always be a loner—in life and at the end of life. The last thing Greg wants in his future is for the court to appoint a legal guardian, a total stranger, to assist the medical providers in making medical decisions on his behalf. He has always called the shots, and simply wants more control over his future. He finds that control and peace of mind in Final Roadmap.                                     Visit Medical Care Preview                 Back to Homepage

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