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Sophie, and a mother of three children including a two-year-old, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. Her mother and sister both died of the disease at a young age.  Her remission has lasted 18 months and the doctors have been cautious in suggesting that, with luck, she could very well live “several more years”, trying various different chemotherapy protocols.

Alex, her childhood sweetheart and now husband, has difficulty accepting the notion of Sophie’s death and spends countless hours online looking for any hopeful therapy all over the world.  Sophie has tried talking to Alex about the possibility of her dying, but he just can’t handle it and always ends up walking out of the room. With the encouragement of her support group, Sophie tries to focus on her children and writes them long, loving letters to be read after she is gone. Sophie has taken care of her will, trust and other documentation. She has taken all of these pieces, documents, thoughts and wishes and stored them within Final Roadmap. By doing so, she’s making it as easy as possible for her beloved husband Alex by documenting and storing all of her thoughts and wishes he’s just not ready to hear yet.  Beyond love, it’s the best thing she can do for him and their family.

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