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Thanksgiving Holiday - Grab a turkey leg, lift a glass, and start the conversation

Thanksgiving is arguably the only U.S. holiday where families, traditional and untraditional, regardless of faith, gather to enjoy a great feast, share stories, and reflect on their blessings.  Additionally, the holiday is unique in bringing together all of the cross-generational groups that make up today’s families—grandparents, parents, children, close friends, newlyweds and long-time marrieds—all in one place.

The holiday can also be a good time to contemplate and discuss how our loved ones, whether family or friends, will carry out our wishes when we’re no longer able.

Within the laughs, jokes and reminiscing is a wonderful opportunity to talk about and plan for the inevitable future of each and every person seated at that table...and it’s not just a conversation for the oldest generation.  It’s an important topic for the young couple who just had their first baby; for grandma, newly widowed this year; for anyone battling a serious illness; for professional couples relocating far from the rest of the family.

So when do you seize the moment to start the dialog? The answer is, it depends!  Perhaps start the conversation while getting the meal prep completed, peeling the potatoes, or filling the water glasses. Choose the timing according to your audience - “Please pass the gravy, I want to be cremated” might not work in every family! Cleanup time, especially over a kitchen full of greasy pots and pans, is a great low pressure, low confrontation time.

When siblings are together is a great time to begin the conversation with mom or dad a part of it. Also, sharing who should care for your children or even pets in the event something happens to you or your spouse/ partner can be very important…and an honor to convey that trusted guardianship.  Keep your mood upbeat and tone loving. Just because it’s a serious subject doesn’t mean you can’t share a hearty laugh with those you know best.

So grab a turkey leg, lift a glass, and be the one at your Thanksgiving celebration to start the conversation.  You’ll be glad you did. Happy Thanksgiving.




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