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My Toolkit

Messages from Your Heart, to Live Forever with Your Loved Ones


Using EndCast, Final Roadmap will send out all planned communications for Notifications and Messages for Loved Ones. 

Messages For Those I Love, After I’m Gone

In this Section folder you can attach letters, audio, and/or video for as many individuals or groups as you wish. Or, you can write your thoughts in narrative form to be distributed upon your death.

The items in this Section can be distributed automatically via email upon your designee’s direction or you can leave instructions for your designee as to how these items should reach their intended recipients.


You might want to write your own death notice or leave suggestions with regard to its content for your loved ones. Some items to consider:


For death notice: – How you wish your name to appear, e.g. maiden name, nick name included – Date of birth (we suggest year only*) and place of residence – Loved one who should be listed, i.e. spouse/partner, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings – Details of donations in lieu of flowers – Visitation, service, burial arrangements

*Unfortunately, criminals have used birthdate information found in death notices to steal identities and access accounts.

For obituary, the above, in addition to:– Place of birth– Time and place of marriage – Description of education – Career details – Military service – Philanthropic activities – Your photograph In addition, you might want to direct your loved ones as to where you would like your death notice or obituary to appear. Please be aware that some publications charge for notifications of death.


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