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My Toolkit

My Wishes for Notifications of My Death


Using EndCast, Final Roadmap will send out all planned communications for Notifications and Messages for Loved Ones.

Please place a phone call to the following people in the event of my death:

(Note: You might consider your hospice provider and funeral director as first calls, followed by closest loved ones. Remember to include anyone who will be caring for or relocating pets.)

Notifications of My Death Form

Excerpted questions with sample responses (actual forms do not include responses).

Name Phone Number Relationship Notes
Ursula xxx-xxx-xxxx dear friend  
Tom Jones xxx-xxx-xxxx lawyer he has all my legal documents
Pastor Reynolds xxx-xxx-xxxx pastor you can share my funeral file with him


I’m sorry to inform you that Sam Smith has passed away. He appreciated your friendship and asked that you be notified. Please look for the death notice at or respond to this email if you wish to be made aware of visitation and service arrangements.

Excerpted suggestions with sample responses (actual forms do not include responses).

Relationship to me Name Phone email Notes
Doctor’s office Dr. Smith xxx-xxx-xxx   She is my primary care doctor – please ask the office to notify others as they deem appropriate
Landscaper Dan Rady xxx-xxx-xxxx   Cancel. He is a great guy who has known me a long time.
Milk delivery company     email Cancel


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