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Opening The Door To End Of Life Planning

The hardest part of end of life planning for many is just opening the door. It may be tough to think about dying but if you care about your spouse, your children and your grandchildren it is imperative that you prepare. Documenting your end of life wishes ensures your loved ones will be protected...​.....


How end of life planning programs can help LTC providers

When patients have not created a well-crafted end-of-life plan and shared with family and providers, problems frequently ensue. Families are often left to guess at what a loved one would have wanted. Without guidance siblings, surviving spouses or partners are asked to make critical decisions during a very emotional and stressful time. Many times this can lead to divisiveness within the family, making a caregiver's job even more difficult......


Planning For The End

Financial advisors work to make sure clients don’t run out of money in this lifetime, but how about when this lifetime is running out of life? The end-of-life period is an emotionally—and sometimes financially—painful period for families in the process of losing a loved one......


Check out the recent TV interview featuring Final Roadmap Co-founder Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne recently chatted with Eileen Kerlin Walsh, host of "Connections" on Palos Heights, 4 TV about the many comprehensive and useful features of Final Roadmap for end-of-life planning. In this excerpt, Steve cites the 'three most important steps" people can take need to make it easier for their loved ones to carry out their wishes: .....


Tips on How to Start The Conversation

Planning ahead can lead to peace of mind for your family. If you are lucky enough to still have parents, finding out their end of life wishes can help prevent family discord in a highly emotional and stressful time. Also, letting your children know your wishes is a wonderful gift to them. A few hours of preparation can save loved ones a lifetime of bitter feelings and remorse. .....

Results: 27 Articles found.

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