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What Will Your Social Media Legacy Be?

The much-used social media sites Facebook and LinkedIn recently yielded to popular pressure to acknowledge the universal truth that everyone is going to die at some point. Death does not link to social media, which is a new consideration for end of life planning. 

Up until this year, some grieving family and friends tried in vain to withdraw a loved one's presence from Facebook, only to encounter a host of bureaucratic and tangled non-answers to the request. Others attempted to edit the pages, as they believed the deceased would want, only to find similar hurdles.

Now, however, both sites have made it easier for you to determine how you wish your presence (or absence) to be established post-mortem. The question is: how do you want your legacy to live on in the social media world? 

Facebook makes it easy and allows your account to be memorialized or removed with your passing. LinkedIn has created a process, although it does take some time and information including linking to your obituary. Other social media outlets have not yet established policies, but may do so soon. 

With Final Roadmap, you can let your loved ones know how you want your legacy to live on in the social media world.  You will be able to:

  • Provide your loved ones with usernames and passwords, so they can edit or delete your accounts
  • Ask them to leave one final post with your passing.
  • Keep your account in your name indefinitely, perhaps to be remembered on special occasions such as birthdays, etc.

When it comes to your legacy, don't leave it up for interpretation. Final Roadmap will help you leave your social media legacy for as long as you wish.




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