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Why February 15 Is a Great Day to Start the Conversation

The Greeting Card Association estimates that 145,000,000 Valentines will be sent in the U.S. this Valentine’s Day, February 14. The purpose of each is to express love, caring, affection or devotion, and may often be accompanied by a heart-shaped box of drug store chocolates, a dozen overpriced red roses, a romantic candlelit dinner in a packed restaurant, or, in certain cases of unbridled, aching and desperate love (or lust!)… jewelry.

We’ll spend an estimated $18.9B on that one day to physically demonstrate the words that are so easily yet too infrequently said… “I love you.”

All this got us to thinking, well, we keep saying Final Roadmap demonstrates your love and makes life easier for those you care about. Should Valentine’s Day be a day to start the conversation?

As responsible business owners and stewards of the growing “end of life planning” movement, we’re compelled to say, NO…don’t start the conversation about end of life planning on Valentine's Day. As a matter of fact, we’ve compiled four important “Dos” and “Don’ts” for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Do: Purchase a card that says “I’ll love you ‘til the end of time.” Don’t worry which of you might pass away first.
  2. Do: Purchase a beautiful bouquet of favorite flowers.  Don’t start contemplating if he or she would like them at his or her funeral as well.
  3. Do: Give her that heirloom necklace that your grandmother wore. Don’t worry who it will be passed down to in the next generation.
  4. Do: Read and treasure the homemade valentine cards from your children and grandchildren. Don’t worry about your estate and their well-being after you’re gone.

Then, on February 15, the day AFTER Valentine’s Day, take stock in remembering what expression of love that greeting card stated, what love poem you read, how much he or she loved that particular rose color and fragrance, how much she treasured that heirloom jewelry, how lucky you are to have such loving parents, children or grandchildren around you.

Then continue demonstrating your love and start the conversation about end of life planning.

Whether you’re celebrating with your best friend or your heartthrob start the conversation about end of life wishes and desires on February 15…and let the love continue “til the end of time.”




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